Embracing the sun-kissed goth

Embracing the sun-kissed goth

In the blistering summer of 2023 in the UK, Goths face a daunting challenge: how to stay true to their dark and elegant style while escaping the oppressive heat. Fear not, for the Goth spirit prevails with ingenious solutions.

Gone are the layers of heavy black clothing. Instead, Goths opt for delicate black lace and flowing skirts & dresses that capture the breeze, painting intriguing shadows upon their skin. Accessories play a crucial role, these can bring an outfit to life, with a bit of imagination.

Makeup becomes an art of expression with black eyeliner and deep red lips, revealing the depths of their enigmatic souls. Practical yet elegant, black combat boots stride boldly, ready to conquer the heated pavements. while parasols shield from the scorching sun.

Summer proves no obstacle to the Goth aesthetic; it merely becomes a canvas for their dark allure. Embracing the sun-kissed Goth spirit, they turn the heat into an opportunity to showcase their artful elegance.

Our favorite Summer products:

The Tartan Bralette, a bold choice of attire, perfect for festivals or days to the beach. 

The Long mesh skirt perfect for keeping an elegant and bold goth look, but also keeping cool in the summer! This is perfect for accessorising and for multiple outfit choices.

Why not also try out our Skulls, bats and roses bodysuit? This not only keeps you cool in the summer, but the outfit choices are endless! 

Day at the beach? we have this covered with our Skeleton swim suit

Or prefer bikinis? Why not try our Skull 3 piece?

Our Fishnet crop-top is perfect for any pair of trousers or skirts, or why not couple with our Ripped shorts?

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