Goth Style and why I love it!

Goth Style and why I love it!

Since a young age I've always adored Goth clothing. It's a beautiful and expressive style, and not everyone fully appreciates it's depth.

Over time it has expanded and has become extremely versatile. I don't think there's a single subculture of the Gothic style I do not like.

As I have become older, I have altered my wardrobe and thrown together outfits with an intent for comfort and minimalism,(unless a night out is on the cards.) My wardrobe has always stayed consistent with a Gothic/Alternative style.

Over the years I have shopped around for my wardrobe, to keep it affordable, yet keeping the Gothic aesthetic, as well as a splash out now and again on the bigger brands on the scene.

Now closing the gap of 30, I aim to share my passion of an ideal & eclectic wardrobe with you, at an affordable price. 

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