The best Goth accessories/gifts

The best Goth accessories/gifts

Shopping for gifts can be challenging, especially challenging when shopping for that special goth in your life! When shopping for gifts we want to be unique and thoughtful when we make a purchase. These ideas are general rule of thumb when selecting a gift.

  • Is it practical? - Are they able to use the gift you have chosen?
  • Is it something they need? - they may have ran out of something they use often, or need to replace something broken/worn.
  • Is it something they would want? - can you see this person really enjoying their gift, would they have chosen this for themselves?
  • Something they can wear - you can never have too many clothes!
  • Or simply something that has meaning to them - Something bespoke or a special keepsake. 

It can be easy to just buy a box of chocolates, flowers or a bottle of wine, but most likely someone else has already bought this. This is why it's important to keep that person in mind when selecting your gifts.

The perfect Gothic Gifts

Something practical

With the cost of living rising, most people are choosing to take their own lunches to work to save money. This Rise Of The Witches lunch bag is perfect for storing lunches. With a foil lining it keeps food cool, at just £8.50 this is an awesome personal gift, and can even be used as a hamper if you plan on buying multiple gifts!

Something they need

Every home needs storage, our families grow, when we move house we find we don't have as much space to put all of our valuables. Or we simply buy items for home improvement, but find there is nowhere to store it! Our Coffin Shelf is what your special goth needs in their home! It adds a focal point in any room, and adds character to any home with a practical function. 

Something they want

If like me, your goth friend is a huge tea drinker and love to host friends/family, this Witches Brew Tea Set is a perfect gift! Everyone has a favorite Mug, so why not drink in style. All made in ceramic, making this gift durable & desirable!


Something they can wear

Our Leather Mini Skirt is a perfect item of clothing, this can be paired with any outfit, a safe choice as it suits most goth subcultures, and makes a great addition to any wardrobe! And for the men, there are dozens of t-shirts to choose from at £12.99. including our Skull & Smoke t-shirt, easy to wash and comfortable fabric, what's not to love! 

Something with meaning

Jewelry is always a nice touch when buying gifts and can offer meaning. Necklaces are a nice touch, you don't need to worry about size as they are usually adjustable, and going for black or sliver is always safe! Not everyone enjoys gold jewelry, especially in the goth community. Jewelry can be worn with any outfit, they can be worn either every day or just on that special occasion. Either way it gives meaning to your gift! Bat necklaces are as popular as ever, and they are timeless. Why not try our Black Bat Necklace at just £3.99. You also have change to go the extra mile with our Pentagram Earrings at £2.99.

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