Goth Apparel

Why are goth clothes so expensive?

Why are goth clothes generally so expensive?

Goth clothing doesn't need to be expensive. Generally speaking its more branded goth clothing that makes this style expensive. Whenever you search for goth shops, or alternative clothing sites, the prices can be extremely high.

It's all about shopping around.

There are other solutions to get affordable, good quality goth apparel, it requires shopping around. Small businesses and brands around the world, who you haven't heard of yet, have affordable and good quality clothing also waiting for you!

How can they be cheaper?

Just like any small business, there are less overheads to consider. Their profits, although still important, are not the main focus when building a name. With branded clothing, they have already gained enough market, meaning they can set their margin higher.

It's all about getting noticed and interest in the products/services. This is why shopping around for products, especially for goth/alternative apparel, is crucial for setting prices we expect to pay.

How can I find these shops?

Most small businesses, whether they are a physical or a virtual shop, will reach out through social media. This could be a great way to find inexpensive goth clothing.
But they can also be found through events such as Whitby goth weekend and trade shows, or by recommendation.

So who is Purged Ltd?

We are UK based. When we started our website, we began with the aim to bring light to suppliers that have not necessarily built a specific brand. Bringing more affordability to this amazing and fulfilling lifestyle. 

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