About Us

Who is PurgedLtd?

Purged Ltd is a UK based online store, established in Hull, we provide affordable, good quality, goth and alternative apparel.

How it all started

As one of the creators of Purged Ltd, I have always had a love for goth/alternative clothing. It all started when I was 8 years old, listening to THE BEST MUSIC on Kerrang and Scuzz, and influenced by my oldest sister.

I used to be disappointed when i was young, as the clothing was never really in my size, and the high prices that came with it. Yet I was so in love with everything goth! 

Now a soon to be 30 year old, I took the leap with my business partner early this year, and we are now Purged Ltd (Purged for short). We hope to keep the prices as low as possible, and supply a larger range of sizes, so no one is disappointed.